Floating Breakwater SF 300

A breakwater is a protection for a harbor. It may be subjected to excessive force when any storm Gudrun and Per decides to call an installer. SF300 is a 3 meter wide Breakwater helbetongprodukt. In our experience, 3 meters in width is minimum for the successful use of the turbulence chamber, “Wings,” the pontoon. SF300 Series has been developed over 35 years and is now a very well-tested product that works in exposed locations. Often one finds SF300 as an outer pier protection of lighter wood / concrete bridges, type SF31 . In many cases, when discussing protection against surge, rather than wind-generated havssjö so lands you in a discussion between SF300 and SF1040. Here, it may then be of interest to recall that SF300 can be transported in standard trucks while SF1040, because of its width, require special transportation.

Over the years we have worked with our SF300 series, of which we now have several hundred outsourced around the world, so we have tailored solutions for the most diverse needs. We can now cast any angles whatsoever, we can equip the pontoons with virtually any device and this we can do because we basically use the same basic technical solutions that are very well tested.

Our whole concept of floating breakwaters built on three pillars;

1. Strong reinforcement around förankringsbyglarna. Our förankringsbyglar is reinforced in such a manner that the breakwater can be lifted in a single bracket.

2nd Our coupling system consisting of kopplingsbunnar with heavy steel plates, stainless steel cutouts, wires interspersed with anticorrosive grease and heavy landscape rubber cylinders. The clutch system is also so versatile that we can make use of the center connections, to eliminate torsional loads on piers or longer to build specific angle solutions.

3rd Our uppankringsteknik based on anchor with heavy chains and concrete anchors. The chain schacklas to the pontoons with a pen. “Bridal ring” as shown below. It is clear from the diagram below, when the power of the chains increases when the clutch way under load then the total power of “brida ring” down forcing “up” our pontoons, which are kept apart by rubber cylinder. The more the wind blows, the more pressure the pontoons together.

Each breakwater is unique and therefore cast each pontoon only after the client has approved the drawing, called ” shop drawing “which means that our customers can get your pontoon built exactly to your specifications.

SF 300 product sheet

SF Breakwater Declaration

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