Our products have been developed in some of the world’s toughest and most aggressive environments for nearly 100 years. Every day we learn more and this is the basis of our continuous improvement efforts. We believe that today, we have the world’s strongest range of floating concrete pontoons, hence our slogan, “We are here after the storm”, because as a matter of fact, here we are!

Our overall experience permeates every component and every product we have in our range today, but we are working constantly to get even better for sizing and LCC (Life Cycle Cost). Our products are designed to operate for 50 years and during our trip, we learned that even though the initial cost may seem high for quality products, in the long run the total cost for the project is significantly lower if you do it right from the start. Actually, the manufacturing of concrete pontoons is like skydiving; if one fails on the first attempt, one should preferably devote themselves to something else.

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